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Advanced Imaging Techniques in Microscopy

Instructor: Dr. Roland Nitschke, ZBSA (Center for Biological Systems Analysis)

Date: tba

Location: Life Imaging Center, ZBSA, Habsburger Str. 49

Advanced Imaging Course

Advanced Imaging Course

This advanced training on diverse microscopy methods is organized by the Live Imaging Center, ZBSA (Center for Biological Systems Analysis) at the University. The course attendants benefit from the exquisite imaging and analysis equipment available at the facility of the Faculty of Biology.

The 5 days course gives an overview about imaging microscopy and provide the students with a practical insight into most of the advanced microscopy techniques currently used in life science research. A theoretical focus of the course is provided by the range of specialists in optics from the University of Freiburg and teaches the fellows about the physical and biological background of the imaging.

The main focus is on:

  • bright field microscopy
  • fluorescence microscopy
  • time lapse microscopy with GFP and relatives Live cell and organelle-markers so
  • ratio-imaging with ion-sensitive dyes
  • FRAP, FLIP, FRET, spectral unmixing and TIRF techniques
  • photo-activation (uncaging) and photo-conversion techniques
  • imaging in 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D
  • software for image analysis and restoration, data presentation

The course is offered several times a year. IMPRS students interested in the course should first contact IMPRS office before they register to the course.

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