Please inform your supervisor or your host at the MPI-IE should you require a room in the guesthouse.

Guest Information

Guest information

This page provides you with helpful information for your stay in Germany.

Contact & Approach

Here, you can find detailed contact information and approach descriptions.


i. Guest house at the MPI
The institute offers housing in our guesthouses at low rates (rates can be requested with contact persons). Please inform your supervisor or host should you require a room in the guesthouse. Maximum stay is usually 3 months.

ii. Finding a flat in Freiburg


The following webpages show available rooms and appartments in Freiburg and surrounding area:


  • Zypresse: free newspaper, Wednesday + Saturday
  • Badische Zeitung: local newspaper, advertisement section on Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Schnapp: free newspaper, Thursday For employees in public sector. Please ask the personnel department to release a password to you.


Please check with your local German Embassy if you need a visa, as regulations are changing all the time! The addresses of German embassies and consulates may be found here: find your embassy

More detailed information can be obtained from the brochure “Information on the Statutory Frameworks applicable to Entry and Residence by Foreign Students, Academics and Scientists” from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Here are helpful “Information on the Legal Requirements Applicable to the Pursuit of Gainful Employment by Foreign Students, University Graduates Scientists and Other Academics”.

You can either apply for a visa online ( or use an application form from your local German embassy. Before expiry of your visa, you have to go to the local Immigration Office (Basler Straße 2, Freiburg) to have your visa extended. However, please check with your local embassy if there might be differing forms applying for you.

For all information provided, no liability is assumed.

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