Marc Bayer

from Wittlich, Germany
IMPRS fellow since April 2016 in Grosschedl lab

Research interests
The transcription factor early B cell factor-1 (EBF1) is a key determinant for B cell commitment and prevention of alternative lineage potential in hematopoietic progenitors. Our lab demonstrated a broad functional spectrum for EBF1 during the maturation of early B cell precursors, ranging from remodelling of naive chromatin to inducing or repressing gene-specific transcription and regulating expression and mRNA stability of target genes
via interaction with accessory proteins. While complex regulatory networks of transcription factors that regulate Ebf1 expression during development have been extensively studied, regulation of EBF1 function on protein level remains largely unknown. During my PhD project I aim to address the mechanisms that regulate the diverse action of EBF1 during early haematopoiesis.
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