Judit Carrasco Sala

from Agramunt, Spain
IMPRS fellow since September 2016 in Hilgers lab


Research interests
My personal interest lies in the understanding of the regulation of the different RNA-processing events. In my PhD, I study the co-transcriptional regulation of alternative polyadenylation. In Drosophila melanogaster, the RNA-binding protein ELAV is necessary and sufficient to induce alternative polyadenylation in the nervous system. ELAV inhibits the recognition of the proximal polyadenylation signal in favour of a more distal one, giving rise to often extraordinarily long 3’ untranslated regions. ELAV binding to promoter regions of its target genes have a role in target selection. However, the exact mechanism behind this highly regulated activity is still unknown. The goal of my PhD is to understand the relationship between transcription initiation and termination in the context of alternative polyadenylation.
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