Julia Komorowska

from Namysłów, Poland
IMPRS doctoral researcher since September 2019 in Boehm lab


Research interests
Ndrg3 belongs to the N-myc downstream regulated gene (Ndrg) protein family and is characterized by having a stereotypical NDR-domain, which belongs to the α/β hydrolase-superfamily. Ndrg3 is abundantly expressed in the thymus, as well as in the secondary lymphoid organs, such as the spleen and lymph nodes. It is known to play a role in cell proliferation and differentiation. Unpublished data has demonstrated that Ndrg3 has an important role in T cell development, however no study has systematically addressed the role of Ndrg3 role in the immune system. The aim of my PhD project is to discover molecular mechanisms by which Ndrg3 regulates T cell development and immune responses.
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