Grün Lab

We investigates how signals from the microenvironment are integrated with stochastic processes in a cell to control cell fate decision in normal tissues and upon perturbations due to disease or tissue damage by combining single-cell resolution experimental methods with computational methods involving machine learning and mathematical modeling.

The Max Planck Society is one of your our main funding sources. more
ERC Starting Grant on “Identifying spatial determinants of immune cell fate commitment (ImmuNiche)” more
Project: A Reference Cell Atlas of Human Liver Diversity Over a Lifespan more
Research Training Group by the DFG; Project: Quantitative single cell biology in hematopoietic differentiation more
Cluster of Excellence, University of Freiburg more


CRC 1425 “The heterocellular nature of cardiac lesions: Identities, interactions, implications” funded by the German Research Council more


DFG Priority Program SPP 1937 “Innate Lymphoid Cells” more


Project on “Unveiling differentiation trajectories of T lymphocytes with single cell resolution” funded by the German Research Council (DFG) more
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