Bhavana Ramachandran

from Maharashtra, India
IMPRS doctoral researcher since August 2021 in Hecht lab

Research interests
Epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) is a process occurring in normal physiology during development and wound healing, where epithelial cells lose their characteristic features in exchange for mesenchymal features, such as, the ability to invade and migrate through the surrounding stroma. EMT can also occur in the context of cancer which contributes to the metastatic cascade, and metastasis remains the major cause of cancer related morbidity and mortality. However, rather than a strictly binary switch between epithelial and mesenchymal, there exists a spectrum of intermediate states known as hybrid or partial EMT states, which have been shown to be more invasive, metastatic and more clinically relevant than fully mesenchymal cells. However, the molecular mechanisms that regulate pEMT and the contribution of these different pEMT states to cancer progression remain poorly understood. My PhD project aims to understand the transcriptional regulatory landscape governing TGFβ1 induced partial EMT in an oncogenically transformed mouse intestinal organoid model.
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