Max Planck Special Guest Lecture Series

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Andreas Trumpp - Stem cells and cancer

  • Seminar is canceled. More information soon.
  • Date: Oct 25, 2017
  • Time: 13:00 - 14:00
  • Speaker: Andreas Trumpp
  • DKFZ (German Cancer Research Center), Heidelberg, Germany
  • Location: MPI-IE
  • Room: Main Lecture Hall
  • Host: PhD representatives
Prof. Dr. Andreas Trumpp is head of the Division of Stem Cells and Cancer (DKFZ) and Managing Director of the Heidelberg Institute for Stem Cell Technology and Experimental Medicine. He and his team is interested in unraveling the molecular and cellular basis of hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) and embryonic stem cell (ESC) self-renewal. With that the team wants to develop strategies to detect and target cancer and metastatic stem cells and break therapy resistance. Andreas Trumpp will give a talk on “Cancer and Stem cells” (Main Lecture Hall; October 25th, 2017; 1pm).

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