Max Planck Seminar

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Tuncay Baubec - Regulation of de novo DNA methylation

  • Date: Nov 30, 2017
  • Time: 13:00 - 14:00
  • Speaker: Tuncay Baubec
  • University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • Location: MPI-IE
  • Room: Main Lecture Hall
  • Host: Nicola Iovino
Tunca Baubec from the Department of Molecular Mechanisms of Disease at University of Zurich, Switzerland was invited by Nicola Iovino from the MPI-IE to give a talk in Freiburg. The epigeneticist will give a Max Planck Seminar on November 30th, 2017. Title of the talk is: “Regulation of de novo DNA methylation”. The seminar takes place in the Main Lecture Hall of the Max Planck Institute.
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