IT Service

IT Service

The IT Service supports personnel in questions related to computers, phones or printers, including fast help for all kinds of hard- and software problems, providing guidance for purchasing decisions, and the maintenance of a well-performing and reliable server infrastructure and network. The unit maintains several electronic communication systems, ranging from an in-house adapted e-mail platform to a state-of-the-art phone and video-conference system.

During scientific events and celebrations the unit delivers

  • guidance for technical systems such as projectors,
  • presentation assistance, development and execution of audio and video solutions, including post-production,
  • live transmissions to several lecture halls and
  • providing access to a wireless network to guests.

A distributed backup solution, spread over several servers, enables an expeditious backup and restore experience.

The IT Service also performs special projects that require programming, like task automation, data analyzes and the creation of homepage solutions for special needs.

One of the most successful software solutions being developed by the IT Service of the MPI-IE is the software MENUE©. It is an easily customizable graphical user interface for the server operating system VMS, which is normally controlled by a command line. MENUE© is in use at the MPI-IE and in various companies. MENUE© is maintained in the IT Service and is commercially available through "Max-Planck-Innovation" ( in Munich.

The data network of the MPI-IE consists of around 50 switches, connected over a 10 Gigabit optical fibre backbone. Individual computers are connected with the network over 1 Gigabit copper lines in most of the buildings. The institute is linked to the Internet via a optical fibre connection to the research network of Baden-Württemberg ( and further on to the German research network (

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