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Father’s gut microbes affect the next generation

Disrupting the gut microbiome of mice increases the risk of disease in their future offspring. more

UV in the sunlight not only damages our DNA but also our RNA. After cell division, the DHX9 proteins from the mother cells assemble into stress granules to sequester the damaged RNA and shield the daughter cells

How DHX9 stress granules protect daughter cells from UV-induced RNA damage more

Revisiting gene dosage

Revisiting gene dosage

November 29, 2023

Max Planck research reveals clever dosage control mechanism of biallelic genes more

Epigenetic regulator drives mitochondrial metabolism

The enzyme MOF regulates genes in the nucleus, but also modifies metabolic proteins in the mitochondria more

Unlocking the secrets of cell antennas

The NSL complex is a key player in controlling intraciliary transport genes more

The Vice Presidents of the Max Planck Society: Asifa Akhtar, Claudia Felser, Christian Doeller and Sibylle Günter (from top left to bottom right).

The new team of Vice-Presidents includes three women. This means women now hold the majority on the Executive Committee more

An evolutionary history of immune receptor diversity

How the immune system learned to distinguish self from non-self more

Indispensable transporter of T cell biology

How a transport protein ensures maturation of signature mRNA of T-killer cells more

Unravelling chromatin regulation in fly embryos

Max Planck researcher reveal an unexpected functionality of key molecules in embryonic development more

The beginning is the end

How promoters predefine where genes end more

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