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"It’s a team effort from day one!"

July 09, 2020
An interview with the new vice president of the Biology and Medicine Section [more]
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Asifa Akhtar new Vice president of the MPG

July 01, 2020
Senate of the Max Planck Society elects new Vice Presidents [more]
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A close relationship: the brain and its blood vessels

June 15, 2020
Study shows how blood vessels sense the metabolic state of neuronal cells [more]
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Mothers ensure their offspring’s success through epigenetics

June 04, 2020
Researchers discover that mother’s active epigenetic modifications drive gene activation in the offspring [more]
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At the crossroads

May 20, 2020
Scientists investigate epigenetic mechanisms of blood cell differentiation [more]
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Research on the fossil

March 13, 2020
Max Planck researchers investigate unifying principles of vertebrate adaptive immunity [more]
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How gene expression noise shapes cell fate

November 18, 2019
Max Planck researcher develops a method for measuring gene expression noise across single cells in complex tissue [more]
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Earthquake in the cell

October 01, 2019
Scientists discover how a modification of the nuclear lamina maintains nuclear shape [more]
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New methods for the lab

July 30, 2019
The lab of Asifa Akhtar shares with CAPRI and MAPCap new technologies to investigate RNA-Protein interactions and transcription start sites [more]
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A Human Liver Cell Atlas

July 10, 2019
Scientists discover previously unknown subtypes of liver cells in health and disease [more]
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