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On this page you can access research news about new research results, studies and publications of the MPI-IE.

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Double success

December 14, 2020
Asifa Akhtar and Volker Springel are honoured with the 2021 Leibniz Prize of the German Research Foundation [more]

A gel for dosage compensation

November 18, 2020
The single X chromosome of male fruit flies can be just as active as the two X chromosomes of females thanks to two sticky molecules [more]

The right tune for blood

November 09, 2020
Repetitive elements trigger RIG-I-like receptors to enhance hematopoietic stem cell formation [more]

The line of succession

October 01, 2020
An unusual mechanism of robustness in charge of brain mRNAs [more]

Innate lymphoid cells regenerate within lung

September 30, 2020
Researchers generate a cell atlas of lung innate lymphoid cells and discovered local renewal of these cells in lung tissue [more]

Immune functions traded in for reproductive success

July 30, 2020
Deep-sea anglerfishes have evolved a new type of immune system [more]

"It’s a team effort from day one!"

July 09, 2020
An interview with the new vice president of the Biology and Medicine Section [more]

Asifa Akhtar new Vice president of the MPG

July 01, 2020
Senate of the Max Planck Society elects new Vice Presidents [more]

A close relationship: the brain and its blood vessels

June 15, 2020
Study shows how blood vessels sense the metabolic state of neuronal cells [more]

Mothers ensure their offspring’s success through epigenetics

June 04, 2020
Researchers discover that mother’s active epigenetic modifications drive gene activation in the offspring [more]
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