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On this page you can access research news about new research results, studies and publications of the MPI-IE.

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New methods for the lab

July 30, 2019
The lab of Asifa Akhtar shares with CAPRI and MAPCap new technologies to investigate RNA-Protein interactions and transcription start sites [more]
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A Human Liver Cell Atlas

July 10, 2019
Scientists discover previously unknown subtypes of liver cells in health and disease [more]
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Who keeps an eye on the house keeper?

March 04, 2019
Max Planck researchers reveal how the DNA is made accessible for gene transcription [more]
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Slow down of gene transcription

February 07, 2019
How genes are shut down during stress [more]
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New links between the mitochondria and the nucleus

December 18, 2018
Researchers from Freiburg find new links between macrophage metabolism and function [more]
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Scientists discover cause of rare syndrome

September 17, 2018
Changes in the MSL3-gene lead to neurological and developmental dysfunctions [more]
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How flies got to the correct dose

September 07, 2018
New study sheds light on the evolutionary origin of sex chromosome dosage [more]
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