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International Women’s Day March 8

Invest in women: Accelerate progress more

Interview Series: Women in Science

“Women in science attract more women in science” more

Jumana AlHaj Abed newest Group Leader

A new lab to unravel the mystery of chromosome pairing more

2023 CIBSS Award for Nina Cabezas-Wallscheid

The Freiburg Cluster of Excellence honors the researcher’s contribution to understanding blood stem cell dormancy more

Is it possible to inherit trauma

ZDF documentary “terra Xplore” with Max Planck researcher Nicola Iovino more

Can we hack our genes?

Can we hack our genes?

October 26, 2023

TV Documentary on Epigenetics with Thomas Jenuwein more

Two Trainee Awards for Max Planck Freiburg

Alicia Löffler & Lana Sörensen honored for outstanding achievements more

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