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Outreach activities of the MPI-IE and the MPG

Activities of the MPI-IE

The MPI of Immunobiology and Epigenetics follows the firm conviction that science's responsibility also includes dialogue with society. The basic research of the institute paves the way for other scientific findings and applications in the future. We want to inform you about this, but also enter into an exchange with the public. 

Virtual MPI-IE Escape Room
Do you enjoy puzzles and tricky quizzes? Would you like to get to know the research and the institute? Then our virtual Escape Room is the right challenge for you! more


To this end, we regularly organize events such as the Zukunftstag at the institute, participate in the Freiburg branch of Pint of Science, or participate in the Freiburg Science Fair. On all these occasions, students and the interested public can engage with our researchers and learn more about the institute's research. You can find detailed information about our events for the public in the “News & Events” section.

Publications and Videos

We also provide publications, some of them in cooperation with the Max Planck Society, for download. The Institute Report, information brochures on our research areas, research reports from our laboratories in the MPG Yearbook give a decent insight into our activities. Recordings of lectures, audio contributions to videos by our scientists can be viewed or listened to in the “Media Library”.

Activities of the Max Planck Society

MaxPlanckResarch science magazine of the Max Planck Society.
MAX Wissen
This web portal of the Max Planck Society provides the MAX booklets, videos, background information and more for your classroom. more
Max Planck Films & Podcasts
Access to research podcasts and science videos of the Max Planck Society (only available in German) more
Max Planck Yearbook
The Yearbook of the Max Planck Society renders account on the scientific research performed at the Max Planck Institutes. more
Max Planck Science Tunnel
Max Planck Science Tunnel is a science exhibition of the Max Planck Society on display worldwide. The MPI-IE contributed its expertise and exhibits on the new research field of epigenetics.


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