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Career development

The advancement of young scientists and the facilitation of attractive career paths is a major concern of the Max Planck Institute for Immunobiology and Epigenetics (MPI-IE). Doctoral students and postdocs contribute significantly to the scientific achievements of the MPI-IE.            

Accordingly, first-class professional certifications, excellent equipment, and a challenging and inspiring network of scientific experts at the institute are important factors for individual career development. In addition, various events and offerings, which are specifically aimed at doctoral candidates, postdocs and junior research group leaders, allow researchers to plan their own careers and personal development in a targeted manner.

Offerings for Junior Scientists

The institute supports students during their doctoral studies at our IMPRS-MCB and gives stimuli regarding career orientation with a special curriculum for interdisciplinary certification. With the help of various programs through the Max Planck Society, the MPI-IE offers certification and continuing education as well as counseling and mentoring in subsequent postdoc and junior research group leader career phases, regardless of whether the career path leads deeper into science, industry, business or even teaching.

The support of gifted young female scientists is a special priority. The institute helps young female researchers pursue their own scientific careers through career-promoting measures such as coaching, mentoring, networking, and also offers to help balance research and family life.

Career Path Offers for Female Scientists in the MPG

A mentoring network for the female scientists of the MPG

The mentoring network Minerva-FemmeNet has the goal of supporting female junior researchers at the MPG through the personal and individual support of an experienced female scientist who serves as a role model and contact person for career-related questions, and who should guide her protégé along the way to leading positions in science. The program also offers continuing education and networking events. Minerva-FemmeNet is aimed primarily at female doctoral students, but also at other female graduate students, postdocs and those completing their habilitations.


Sign up! Careerbuilding
Career development and support of female postdocs in the MPG

Together with the organization EAF Berlin, the MPG has developed a one-year certification and networking program for junior female scientists. The Sign up! program prepares postdoctoral students for managerial positions in modern science by teaching them leadership skills, and also empowers them through an explicitly career-oriented network. Trainings, workshops and discussions with experts and successful scientists prepare the program participants for competition in the European and international research landscape.

Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard-Foundation  
Scholarship for gifted young female scientists with children

Founded in 2004 by the Nobel laureate and Max Planck Director Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, the foundation supports gifted young female scientists with children by providing them with the freedom and mobility they need for a scientific career. The foundation aims to help prevent the loss of outstanding scientific research talent. It is aimed at female doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in the field of experimental natural science or medicine and offers financial support toward additional childcare as well as the relief of household burdens.

Making excellent female scientists visible

The “AcademiaNet” database contains portraits of excellent female scientists in all disciplines, thus making women visible to the academy, the media, and the public at large. It can be used by research institutions and committees, journalists and conference organizers, and to build networks among women. The MPG is a cooperating partner and regularly nominates excellent female scientists for inclusion in the database.

Lise Meitner excellence programme  
More opportunities for female scientist with perspective

Under the Lise Meitner excellence program the Max Planck Society offers up to ten Max Planck research groups positions each year for exceptionally well-qualified women scientists to attract and promote excellent women for a scientific career. The groups will be centrally funded for its entire five-year term (plus extension) and should motivate for further ascent by providing long-term career security and clear career prospects. For this reason, every scientist in the Lise Meitner excellence program receives the offer to take part in the tenure track procedure, which secures her a permanent W2 position with group equipment following a renewed, rigorous scientific review. In addition to the opportunity of obtaining a W2 contract, the female scientists are guaranteed a permanent TVöD position (E15).

Offers for post-docs and junior research group leaders

Career Steps Networks für Postdocs
Event days for vocational orientation

As part of the Career Steps Network, the Max Planck Society regularly offers special career events for postdocs. Lectures by experts from businesses, industry, human resource management and science highlight various career paths and actively help young scientists in career planning.

The offering also includes courses on topics such as work/life balance and dual-career planning, as well as workshops on strategic career planning, gender awareness, self-organization and self-marketing.

Max Planck Symposium for Alumni and Early Career Researchers
Bringing together old hands and young savages

Joint symposia by Max Planck alumni and young scientists from various MPG Institutes provide an opportunity for networking, horizon-broadening for career planning (Speed-Informing), and for the exchange of experience. Alumni are important contact points to other research organizations as well as to companies and represent a valuable pool of competence and experience that the MPG can provide to its institutes and thus its junior researchers.

More information about the joint symposia, see Max Planck Alumni Association (MPAA)

Max Planck LeadNet
The network for research group leaders in the MPG

In addition to the extensive training program for group leaders, the “LeadNet” network has established itself as a forum for regular exchange and coordination. Research group leaders and other researchers in managerial positions have the opportunity to share scientific and technological knowledge at annual meetings as well as discuss career planning and administrative issues. The LeadNet network is an important exchange platform, especially for junior group leaders.

Dual Career Network 
The MPI-IE is part of the Dual Career Network Upper Rhine Valley

In order to effectively help dual-career couples in managing positions, support must be able to access a good, regional network of professional partners. With more than 40 regional partners in the Dual Career Network Upper Rhine the chances of finding a job for accompanying spouses increase drastically.

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