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  1. 2020
    Journal Article
    Kelly, B.; Pearce, E. L.: Amino Assets: How Amino Acids Support Immunity. Cell Metabolism 32 (2020)
  2. Journal Article
    Klein-Geltink, R.; Edwards-Hicks, J.; Apostolova, P.; O'Sullivan, D.; Sanin, P. D. E.; Annette, E. P.; Puleston, D.; Ligthart, N. A. M.; Büscher, J. M.; Grzes, K. et al.; Kabat, A.; Stanczak, M.; Curtis, J.; Hässler, F.; Uhl, F. M.; Fabri, M.; Zeiser, R.; Pearce, E. J.; Pearce, E. L.: Metabolic conditioning of CD8+ effector T cells for adoptive cell therapy. Nature Metabolism (2020)
  3. Journal Article
    Trancoso, I.; Ryo, M.; Boehm, T.: Co-evolution of mutagenic genome deditors and vertebrate adaptive immunity. Current Opinion in Immunology 65, pp. 32 - 41 (2020)
  4. Journal Article
    Swann, J.; Holland, S. J.; Petersen, M.; Pietsch, T. W.; Boehm, T.: The immunogenetics of sexual parasitism. Science, p. eaaz9445 (2020)
  5. Journal Article
    Samata, M.; Alexia, A.; Richard, G.; Georgiev, P.; Nuebler, J.; Kulkarni, T.; Renschler, G. V.; Basilicata, M. F.; Zenk, F. L.; Shvedunova, M. et al.; Semplicio, G.; Mirny, L.; Iovino, N.; Akhtar, A.: Intergenerationally Maintained Histone H4 Lysine 16 Acetylation Is Instructive for Future Gene Activation. Cell 182, pp. 1 - 18 (2020)
  6. Journal Article
    Haring, E.; Uhl, F. M.; Andrieux, G.; Proietti, M.; Bulashevska, A.; Sauer, B.; Braun, L. M.; de Gomez, E. V.; Esser, P. R.; Martin, S. F. et al.; Pfeifer, D.; Follo, M.; Schmitt-Graeff, A.; Büscher, J. M.; Duyster, J.; Grimbacher, B.; Boerries, M.; Pearce, E. L.; Zeiser, R.; Apostolova, P.: Bile acids regulate intestinal antigen presentation and reduce graft-versus-host disease without impairing the graft-versus-leukemia effect. Haematologica (2020)
  7. Journal Article
    Böckelmann, L. C.; Basu, T.; Gründer, A.; Wang, W.; Breucker, J.; Kaiser, S.; Pichler, A.; Pahl, H. L.: Concomitant constitutive LNK and NFE2 mutation with loss of sum9oylation in a case of hereditary thrombocythemia. Haematologica (2020)
  8. Journal Article
    Siamishi, I.; Iwanami, N.; Clapes, T.; Trompouki, E.; O'Meara, C. P.; Boehm, T.: Lymphocyte-Specific Function of the DNA Plymerase Epsilon Subunit Pole3 Revealed by Neomorphic Alleles. Cell Reports 31, p. 107756 (2020)
  9. Journal Article
    Sheikh, B. N.; Guhathakurta, S.; Tsang, T. H.; Schwabenland, M.; Renschler, G. V.; Herquel, B.; Bhardwaj, V.; Holz, H.; Stehle, T.; Bondareva, O. et al.; Aizarni, N.; Mossad, O.; Kretz, O.; Reichardt, W.; Chatterjee, A.; Braun, L. J.; Thevenon, J.; Sartelet, H.; Blank, T.; Grün, D.; von Elverfeldt, D.; Huber, T. B.; Vestweber, D.; Avilov, S.; Prinz, M.; Büscher, J. M.; Akhtar, A.: Neural metabolic imbalance induced by MOF dysfunction triggers pericyte activation and breakdown of vasculature. Nature Cell Biology (2020)
  10. Journal Article
    Jevtic, V.; Kindle, P.; Avilov, S.: Specific Labeling of Mitochondrial Nucleoids for Time-lapse Structures Illumination Microscopy. Journal of Visualized Experiments 160, p. e60003 (2020)
  11. Journal Article
    van Teijlingen Bakker, N.; Pearce, E. J.: Cell-intrinsic metabolic regulation of mononuclear activation: Findings from the tip of the iceberg. Immunological Reviews 295, pp. 54 - 67 (2020)
  12. Journal Article
    Mereu, E.; Lafzi, A.; Moutinho, C.; Ziegenhain, C.; McCarthy, D. J.; Álvarez-Varela, A.; Batlle, E.; Sagar, S.; Grün, D.; Lau, J. K. et al.; Boutet, S. C.; Sanada, C.; Ooi, A.; Jones, R. C.; Kaihara, K.; Brampton, C.; Talaga, Y.; Sasagawa, Y.; Tanaka, K.; Hayashi, T.; Braeuning, C.; Fischer, C.; Sauer, S.; Trefzer, T.; Conrad, C.; Adiconis, X.; Nguyen, L. T.; Regev, A.; Levin, J. Z.; Parekh, S.; Janjic, A.; Wange, L. E.; Bagnoli, J. W.; Enard, W.; Gut, M.; Sandberg, R.; Nikaido, I.; Gut, I.; Stegle, O.; Heyn, H.: Benchmarking single-cell RNA-sequencing protocols for cell atlas projects. Nature Biotechnology (2020)
  13. Journal Article
    Sommerkamp, P.; Altamura, S.; Renders, S.; Narr, A.; Ladel, L.; Zeisberger, P.; Eiben, P. L.; Fawaz, M.; Rieger, M. A.; Cabezas-Wallscheid, N. et al.; Trumpp, A.: Differential Alternative Polyadenylation Landscapes Mediate Hematopoietic Stem Cell Activation and Regulate Glutamine Metabolism. Cell Stem Cell (2020)
  14. Journal Article
    Puleston, D.; Pearce, E. L.: Appetite for Arginine: Metabolic Control of Macrophage Hunger. Cell Metabolism 31, pp. 441 - 442 (2020)
  15. Journal Article
    Sagar , S.; Grün, D.: Deciphering Cell Fate Decision by Integrated Single-Cell Sequencing Analysis. Annual Review of Biomedical Data Science 3, pp. 1 - 22 (2020)
  16. Journal Article
    Dereka, M.; Herman, J. S.; Cauchy, P.; Ramamoorthy, S.; Lupar, E.; Grün, D.; Grosschedl, R.: EBF1-deficient bone marrow stroma elicits persistent changes in HSC potential. Nature 21, pp. 261 - 273 (2020)
  17. Journal Article
    Walther , M.; Schrahn, S.; Krauss, V.; Lein, S.; Kessler, J.; Jenuwein, T.; Reuter, G.: Heterochromatin formation in Drosophila requires genome-weide histone deacetylation in cleavage chromatin before mid-blastula transition in early embryongenesis. Chromosoma: Biology of the Nucleus 129, pp. 83 - 98 (2020)
  18. Journal Article
    Ilik, I. A.; Aktas, T.; Maticzka, D.; Backofen, R.; Akhtar, A.: FLASH: ultra-fast protocol to identify RNA-protein interactions in cells. Nucelic Acids Research 48, p. e15 (2020)
  19. Journal Article
    Zenke, S.; Palm, M. M.; Braun, J.; Gavrilov, A.; Meiser, P.; Böttcher, J. P.; Beyersdorf, N.; Ehl, S.; Gerard, A.; Lämmermann, T. et al.; Schumacher, T. N.; Beltman, J. B.; Rohr, J. C.: Quorum Regulation via Nested Antagonistic Feedback Circuits Mediated by the Receptors CD28 and CTLA-4 Confers Robustness to T Cell Population Dynamics. Immunity 52, pp. 313 - 327 (2020)
  20. Journal Article
    Angiari, S.; Runtsch, M. C.; Sutton, C. E.; Palsson-McDermott, E. M.; Kelly, B.; Rana, N.; Kane, H.; Papadopoulou, G.; Pearce, E. L.; Mills, K. H.G. et al.; O'Neill, L. A.J.: Pharmacological Activation of Pyruvate Kinase M2 Inhibits CD4+-T Cell Pathogenicity and Suppresses Autoimmunity. Cell Metabolism 31, pp. 391 - 405 (2020)
  21. Journal Article
    Field, C.; Baixauli Celda, F.; Puleston, D.; Kyle, R.; Alana, C.; Sanin, P. D. E.; Hippen, K. L.; Loschi, M.; Thangavelu, G.; Corrado, M. et al.; Edwards-Hicks, J.; Grzes, K.; Pearce, E. J.; Blazar, B. R.; Pearce, E. L.: Mitochondrial Integrity Regulated by Lipid Metabolism Is a Cell-Intrinsic Checkpoint for Treg Suppressive Function. Cell Metabolism 31, pp. 422 - 437 (2020)
  22. Journal Article
    Ward, C.; Cauchy, P.; Garcia, P.; Frampton, J.; Esteban, M. A.; Volpe, G.: High WBP5 expression correlates with elevation of HOX genes levels and is associated with inferior survival in patients with acute myeloid leukaemia. Scientific Reports 10, p. 3505 (2020)
  23. Journal Article
    Gaub, A.; Sheikh, B. N.; Basilicata, M. F.; Vincent, M.; Nizon, M.; Colson, C.; Bird, M. J.; Bradner, J. E.; Thevenon, J.; Boutros, M. et al.; Akhtar, A.: Evolutionary conserved NSL complex/BRD4 axis controls transcription activation via histone acetylation. Nature Communications 11, p. 2243 (2020)
  24. Journal Article
    Grün, D.: Revealing dynamics of gene expression variability in cell state space. Nature methods, pp. 45 - 49 (2020)
  25. Journal Article
    Lawir, D.-F.; Hess, I.; Sikora, K.; Iwanami, N.; Siamishi, I.; Schorpp, M.; Boehm, T.: Evolutionary transition from degenerate to nonredundant cytokine signaling networks supporting intrathymic T cell development. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2020)
  26. Journal Article
    Rodrigues, C. P.; Herman, J. S.; Herquel, B.; Velsecchi Keller, C. I.; Stehle, T.; Grün, D.; Akhtar, A.: Temporal expression of MOF acetyltransferase primes transcription factor networks for erythroid fate. Science Advances 6, p. eaaz4815 (2020)
  27. Journal Article
    Sagar, S.; Pokrovskii, M.; Herman, J. S.; Naik, S.; Sock, E.; Zeis, P.; Lausch, U.; Wegner, M.; Tanriver, Y.; Littman, D. R. et al.; Grün, D.: Deciphering the regulatory landscapte of fetal and adult γδ T-cell development at single-cell resolution. The EMBO Journal 39, p. e104159 (2020)
  28. Journal Article
    Walther, M.; Schrahn, S.; Krauss, V.; Lein, S.; Kessler, J.; Jenuwein, T.; Reuter, G.: Heterochromatin formation in Drosophila requires genome-wide histone deacetylation in cleavage chromatin before mid-blastula transition in early embryogenesis. Chromosoma: Biology of the Nucleus 129, pp. 83 - 98 (2020)
  29. 2019
    Journal Article
    Sankowski, R.; Böttcher, C.; Masuda, T.; Geirsdottir, L.; Sagar, S.; Sindram, E.; Seredenina, T.; Muhs, A.; Scheiwe, C.; Shah, M. J. et al.; Heiland, D. H.; Schnell, O.; Grün, D.; Priller, J.; Prinz, M.: Mapping microglia states in teh human brain through the integration of high-dimensional techniques. Nature Neuroscience 22, pp. 2098 - 2110 (2019)
  30. Journal Article
    Sheikh, B. N.; Bondareva, O.; Guhathakurta, S.; Tsang, T. H.; Sikora, K.; Aizarani, N.; Sagar, S.; Holz, H.; Grün, D.; Hein, L. et al.; Akhtar, A.: Systematic Identification of Cell-Cell Communication Networks in the Developing Brain. iScience 21, pp. 273 - 287 (2019)
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