Leaving Max Planck, staying connected.

Maybe you no longer on the MPI-IE campus here in Freiburg. But that doesn’t mean losing track of each other. If you are an MPI-IE alumnus or alumna yourself but no longer linked to the institute, then let’s change this. Please get in touch with us!

You researched or worked at the MPI of Immunobiology and Epigenetics in Freiburg? We are very proud of our alumni and enjoy hearing about their careers and achievements and sharing these with current Institute staff and students in order to inspire their next steps. We would be delighted if you stay in touch with us and your fellow alumni via our alumni network.

Join the MPI-IE alumni network

The MPI-IE alumni network is basically a directory of our former staff you can sign up for when leaving the institute. With your data, you help us keep track of your career and achievements and stay in contact with you to share relevant news and upcoming events.

How to become a member?

Join the MPI-IE Alumni network by simply completing the registration form (PDF below) and send the filled form to . Registration is free of charge.

Remember to also join the Freiburg Alumni Biology IMPRS group on LinkedIn to reconnect with other alumni.

Who are alumni and alumnae? Who can register?

Everyone who has spent at least six month at the MPI-IE. This includes all researchers (doctoral students, postdocs, group leaders, directors, visitors, either under contract, stipend, or third-party funding) and staff members.

What do you get?

  • Regular newsletter to follow the developments of your former institute
  • Opportunities to highlight your career paths to current doctoral students and Postdocs
  • Exclusive preliminary information and invitations to meetings and events of the MPI-IE and MPG
  • Information from the Max Planck Alumni Association and invitations to its Annual Meetings

Share, promote and guide with your experience

Your involvement is still important to us. With your first-hand experience of the institute, we would be delighted if you recommend the MPI-IE to those looking to take the next career step, whether a prospective doctoral student, Postdoc, or science-support role. There are many options for you to keep up to date with the Institute’s latest news, events or job offers. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and help sharing the Institute’s ongoing successes with your networks.

Max Planck Alumni Association

The Max Planck Alumni Association (MPAA) is a non-profit organization developing and sustaining a world-wide community of alumni and alumnae of the Max Planck Society. The association is envisioned as a highly international, modern and active community promoting and supporting innovative thinking, knowledge and experience exchange, and is the largest alumni organization for a non-university research institution.

The association facilitates its members to stay in contact with their former Institute and be update-to-date on the activities of the Max Planck Society. The free access to knowledge, the promotion of science communication and favoring interdisciplinary exchange are part of its philosophy in line with the statutes of the Max Planck Society.

Next Annual Meeting of the MPAA

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