Why work here

Why work here

10 reasons why work in Freiburg

Here are ten reasons why we love to work at the MPI-IE – and you probably, too.

1. Collaborative culture

MPI-IE researchers work in a flexible and collaborative environment. Dedicated and enthusiastic colleagues from different fields such as biology, medicine, biochemistry, or bioinformatics work closely together and routinely exchange knowledge and expertise at internal seminars, events, and meetings. We see an open-door and first-name policy, and academic freedom as our core values.

2. State-of-the-art infrastructure

The MPI-IE provides outstanding scientific facilities with access to the newest technologies and world-class expertise to support scientists at the MPI-IE. This offers the needed freedom to develop and follow new ideas in the field and allows for the implementation of highly sophisticated research projects.

3. Competitive funding

National and international funding sources include MPG, DFG, Humboldt, EMBO, HFSP, and the European Research Council. MPI-IE scientists have earned overall 12 ERC Grants in total, which amount to €22 million and confirm the MPI-IE status’ as a location for European top-level research.

4. Scientific exchange

Some of the most distinguished scientists in their fields perform their research at the MPI-IE. Being embedded in their excellent collaborative partnerships with the University of Freiburg, the Freiburg Medical Center, various SFBs, and many international collaborations create immense value for junior researchers. On-site seminars further provide a constant exchange of knowledge and expertise. By average, 20 renowned speakers join our lecture series each year and create fantastic networking opportunities.

5. Diversity

The MPI-IE is an highly international institute with employees of more than 40 nationalities from five different continents. English is the working language and we aim to create an welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. We believe that a diversity of perspectives, experiences and skills is the basis of our scientific success and at the same time the basis for the appeal of the institute as a modern research location in Germany.

6. Benefits

If you start or continue your research career at the MPI-IE, you are typically paid under the Collective Agreement for the Public Sector employees in Germany (TVöD). MPI-IE employees receive 30 days of annual leave on top of a generous number of public holidays and get other benefits of the public sector (additional pension fund VBL or jobticket). You get enrolled in a statutory health insurance plan providing free medical treatment and subsidised prescription fees. Accompanying children can be co-insured.

7. Family Support

The MPI-IE strives to provide its scientists and employees all the support they need to focus on their work and research. The support includes a pregnancy lab, mother-child and family rooms, child care for a very competitive fee close to the institute, subsidiaries for early-career scientists alongside with several legal measures such as maternity leave, parental leave, parental allowance, and other benefits that help you to reconcile work and family life.

8. Welcome Service

Start working at the MPI-IE and relocating to Germany is for many new employees, one of the most exciting but also one of the most stressful events in their lives. They have to deal with several legally required formalities, find a flat, register with the city, and get to know the institute and its workflows. The institute offers with its Welcome Office and Welcome Guide comprehensive support to help you relocate to Freiburg and settle in.

9. Social life

The MPI-IE encourages social activities as an integral part of creating an inspiring place for excellent research. The social calendar includes staff outings, lab and facility retreats, Christmas parties, and other smaller social events throughout the year. Each month, the Friday Science Afternoon is the event you do not want to miss. A group leader talk is followed by a reception, offering the opportunity to discuss and mingle with colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. Regularly health days and yoga classes are held on-site. Besides, the MPI-IE lounge and mensa with its terrace provide the perfect place to meet or enjoy a coffee on an everyday basis.

10. Freiburg

Freiburg im Breisgau is a city where Black Forest idyll meets cutting-edge research. Situated in one of the most scenic corners of southern Germany between France and Switzerland’s borders, the city has an international flair that attracts researchers and students from all over the world. The university, many other research institutions, and biotech companies create an inspiring research environment. But the city has a lot more to offer: the warm climate, a historic city center, and a diverse and vibrant cultural life. Freiburg is also claimed as one of the world’s most sustainable, liveable, and child-friendly cities.

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