Developmental Immunology

Developmental Immunology


The Department of Developmental Immunology consists of two independent research groups. The laboratories are investigating the biology and evolution of lymphoid organs and the adaptive immune system, the intestinal immune system, and adaptive and innate immunity with a focus on various aspects of immune tolerance. The laboratory headed by Thomas Boehm focuses on the development and function of the thymus and T cells and on the evolution of adaptive immune systems, studying these processes in a number of species ranging from basal vertebrates (such as lamprey and cartilaginous fishes) to humans. The laboratory of Angelika Rambold is studying various aspects of organelles. This includes behaviour and structure of individual organelles, inter-organelle communication and functional organelle networks to regulate the activation of different immune cell types and contribute to organelle-related immune disorders.

Head of the Department

Thomas Boehm
The lab investigates the evolution of adaptive immune systems and their design principles. In particular, the lab studies the development and function of the thymus and T-cells by a comparative approach examining a number of species, ranging from basal vertebrates to humans. more

Further Group Leader

Angelika Rambold
The Rambold lab focuses on untangling the identity and mechanisms driving orga-metabolic networks and how these shape immune cell functions during conditions of inflammation and infection on the single cell and populational level. more
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