TriRhena Gene Regulation Club

TriRhena Gene Regulation Club

The TriRhena Gene Regulation Club is a one-day symposium that brings together researchers from France (IGBMC), Germany (MPI-IE) and Switzerland (FMI) who share a common interest in gene regulation, and gives PhD students and postdocs the opportunity to share their unpublished work with the community, thereby strengthening international collaborations.

Upcoming event


Key note speaker

Germano Cecere (Institute Pasteur in Paris, France)

We are honoured to have Germano Cecere as our outstanding invited speaker. Germano is Research Director at the Institute Pasteur in Paris. He and his team focus on the characterization of short-RNA-based mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance during animal development and upon environmental changes. Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Institute Pasteur

A detailed program with all other speaker slots will be published after the abstract submission deadline.

Practical Information

Register now

Participation is free, but registration is required. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. The symposium offers no virtual participation via streaming.

Abstracts: present your work

A limited number of talk places are available. Everyone, especially young researchers and PhD students, are encouraged to submit their exciting new and unpublished work* for presentation.
*Abstracts will not be reproduced or made available to participants at the meeting.

  • Abstract submission & Registration deadline: 23 May 2024

About the event

The “Gene Regulation Club” is a one-day symposium that unites groups at three research institutions for biomedical research on a regular basis:

The event has an intimate, interactive atmosphere with typically 100-120 participants from the TriRhena region. Each Gene Regulation Club will be dedicated to topics that revolve around the regulation of gene expression, such as chromatin, transcription, or RNA processing. In addition, PhD students and postdocs will present near-final but unpublished work from groups at each of the institutes. With an informal but high quality character of the meeting, we aim to stimulate discussion and inspire new collaborations within the Tri-Rhena area.

The Gene Regulation Club is the successor event for the popular TriRhena Chromatin Club.

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