Management Board

Dr. Asifa Akhtar
Dr. Asifa Akhtar
Senior Group Leader and Director

Lab Asifa Akhtar

Assistant – phone: +49 761 5108-564 Email:

Dr. Thomas Boehm
Dr. Thomas Boehm
Senior Group Leader & Managing Director
Phone:+49 761 5108-328

Lab Thomas Boehm

Assistant: Julia Rösner Phone: +49 761 5108 329 Email:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Jenuwein
Prof. Dr. Thomas Jenuwein
Senior Group Leader & Director
Phone:+49 761 5108-785

Lab Thomas Jenuwein

Assistant: Marcela Mare Phone: +49 761 5108 574 Email:

Christian Klatz
Christian Klatz
Head of Administration
Phone:+49 761 5108-345

Assistant: Nathalie Schulz Phone: +49 761 5108 355 Email:


Organization of the MPI-IE

The Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics (MPI-IE) focuses on two key areas of modern biology: Immunobiology and Epigenetics.


The MPI-IE is organized in five departments. Each department of the MPI-IE is headed by a director, also named ‘senior group leader’.

Research Groups

In addition, currently 9 group leaders conduct research at the MPI-IE. They are either department-associated or department-independent. All groups are considered equivalent. They have their own budget and pursue – within the framework of the MPI-IE – their research fully independently. Group leader positions are established for five plus four years and are attractive career-building appointments. Central scientific infrastructure units and the administration complement the MPI-IE.

Scientific Infrastructure and Administration

The organization of the MPI-IE is completed by the scientific infrastructure and the service teams of the administration. The scientfic core facilities offer centralized research support within the Institute by ensuring state-of-the-art technologies, equipment and expertise. The facilities are headed highly experienced experts of their fields and work in close cooperation with the scientists. The administrative teams back the scientists by providing all necessary administrative and technical support such as personnel, accounting, purchasing, technical services and safety.

Managment Board

The central decision-making body of the MPI-IE is the management board (“Kollegium”), comprising the directors and the head of administration executive manager. It meets on a regular basis. The management board establishes the general scientific and administrative policies and promotes long-term developments of the institute.

Faculty Meeting

Regulary all group leaders, heads of the scientific infrastructure, the administration, representatives of Postdocs, PhD students and other staff bodies come together in the so-called ‘Faculty Meeting’. These meetings faciliate internal communication and provide the opportunity for exchange and discussion in a cooperative atmosphere.

Advisory Boards

The institute respectively the Managment Board is supported by two advisory panels. The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) evaluates the scientific work conducted at the MPI-IE and provides suggestions for continued refinement of the development of the institute. The Board of Trustees consisting of prominent individuals from industrial, financial, political and cultural circles reinforces the links between the MPI-IE and the public sphere.

Organization chart

Organization of the MPI-IE as of January 2021 Zoom Image
Organization of the MPI-IE as of January 2021
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