Life in Freiburg

Freiburg is most commonly known as the capital of The Black Forest and is located in one of the most scenic corners of Southern Germany, situated between the borders to Switzerland and France.

Live in Freiburg

Freiburg is a very young and lively city with a highly intensive cultural scene. The town with its approximately 200.000 inhabitants is characterized by 25,000 students at the University of Freiburg, 15% among from abroad, half European and non-European, which adds to the international flair of the town. The University also offers courses in over 70 indoor and outdoor activities for students. Football fans can enjoy first division matches at the grounds of the SC Freiburg.

Freiburg is here for you! Here in the Black Forest, the perfect mix of urban excitement and natural beauty awaits you and your entire family!

Freiburg: what are you waiting for?

Freiburg is here for you! Here in the Black Forest, the perfect mix of urban excitement and natural beauty awaits you and your entire family!

Freiburg’s climate and the fact that is lies between France and Switzerland, gives the town an almost Mediterranean touch. The local cuisine of Baden adds to this southern charm and is crowned with numerous first class restaurants in and around Freiburg.

The towns world famous symbol is the Cathedral with its characteristic tower, which can be seen from afar and is the only gothic Cathedral to be constructed in the Middle Ages. The town itself was founded in 1120 by the Dukes of Zähringen, who also founded Bern and Basel in Switzerland.

The unique location of the city is highlighted by its surroundings. The Black Forest is one of Germany’s highest mountain ranges, ideal terrain not only for nature lovers, hillwalking and other outdoor activities, but also for skiers, mountain bikers, and paragliders. The nearby vineyards of Kaiserstuhl and Markgräfler Land provides Freiburg and beyond, with excellent wines such as "Weissburgunder" and "Spätburgunder".

The cultural life of Freiburg is also very diverse. A big concert hall, several theaters, and many clubs offer events on a regular basis. During the summer time, various open air concerts and festivals take place, the Zeltmusikfestival ZMF being one of the biggest.  

Freiburg is also famous as the Green City, reflected through the large network of cycle paths and the many solar panels on public and private buildings. In the South of Freiburg, the district Vauban was built as “a sustainable model district” on the site of a former French military base, providing space for more than 5,000 inhabitants and 600 jobs. All houses are built to a low energy consumption standard and private cars mainly remain outside the district. Vauban attracts architects and town planners from all over the world.

Residents and visitors alike agree that the quality of life in and around Freiburg is one of the best in Central Europe. Climate, location, scientific diversity and culture, make it a particularly attractive town.

Photo credit: Old synagogue plaze – CC BY-SA 2.0; Green city Freiburg/Vauban – FWTM, Spiegelhalter

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