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The MPI-IE has both a responsibility and the great interest to communicate its research and findings. We aim to bring knowledge findings and questions from the laboratory to the public.

Here you can find our latest press releases on the Institute's newest research results and studies as well as current information about the Institute such as awards, people or initiatives. 


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Is it possible to inherit trauma

ZDF documentary “terra Xplore” with Max Planck researcher Nicola Iovino more

Can we hack our genes?

Can we hack our genes?

October 26, 2023

TV Documentary on Epigenetics with Thomas Jenuwein more

Two Trainee Awards for Max Planck Freiburg

Alicia Löffler & Lana Sörensen honored for outstanding achievements more

Epigenetic regulator drives mitochondrial metabolism

The enzyme MOF regulates genes in the nucleus, but also modifies metabolic proteins in the mitochondria more

New Group Leader: Ayele Argaw Denboba

Research group investigates gut microbiota-epigenetic interaction in early life programming more

Unlocking the secrets of cell antennas

The NSL complex is a key player in controlling intraciliary transport genes more

Asifa Akhtar re-elected as Vice President of the MPG

The Max Planck Society's Senate confirms a second term for the incumbent VP of the Biomedical Section more

Otto Hahn Medals for Judit Carrasco & Katharina Schönberger

Freiburg junior scientists honoured for outstanding research projects more

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