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The MPI-IE has both a responsibility and the great interest to communicate its research and findings. We aim to bring knowledge findings and questions from the laboratory to the public.

Here you can find our latest press releases on the Institute's newest research results and studies as well as current information about the Institute such as awards, people or initiatives. 


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Maintaining the brain’s maturity

Researchers identify neuronal granules as guards of the adult nervous system more

Makrophage, die von Salmonellen(magenta) befallen ist. Farblich abgesetzt sind die Organellen (Mitochondrien in blau und Lysosomen in magenta) dargestellt.

How communication between lysosomes and mitochondria controls Salmonella growth in macrophages more

Max Planck Research Highlight: Swarming immune cells

The MPG and the “Forschungsquartett” podcast feature Tim Lämmermann and his research on swarming innate immune cells more

Ibrahim Cissé named Carnegie “Great Immigrant”

Max Planck Director honored as one of 2022’s Great US Immigrants by the Carnegie Corporation more

The quietest stem cells are the most powerful

How hyaluronic acid protects your stem cells from proliferative stress more

2022 Max Planck Epigenetics Meeting

In-Person | 30 November - 2 December 2022 more

Asifa Akhtar, Vice President of the Max Planck Society and director at the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics

Asifa Akhtar is Vice President of the Max Planck Society and head of the Max Planck Presidential Commission on Equal Opportunities. In this interview, she talks about her engagement for a cultural change towards more diversity and inclusion at the Max Planck Society. A plea to dare more diversity and inclusion. more

Secrets of thymus formation revealed

Max Planck researchers identify epithelial stem cells that control the growth of the thymus at different stages of life more

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