Seminar series

Seminar series

The MPI-IE organizes several lecture series. Regular seminar series aimed at a scientific audience take place in the institute's large lecture hall. All talks are in English, and students and researchers from other institutions are welcome to join. Besides, there are different formats aimed at specific target groups, MPI-IE staff members, or the general public.

Seminar Series open to a wider audience

Max Planck Special Guest Lecture Series
The MPI-IE also invites distinguished speakers from around the world to be part in the Max Planck Special Guest Lecture Series. The invited speakers are internationally renowned researchers who are leaders in their field. During their visit, the guests not only give a lecture on their latest research results, but also meet our young researchers and group leaders for a joint exchange of ideas. The lectures take place regularly on Thursdays from 13-14 pm. Guests from other research institutions are welcome to join the audience. more
Max Planck Seminar
Regularly we welcome young scientists and research group leaders from various fields of molecular biology who present their new ideas and research results. We invite pioneers from leading scientific institutions in Germany and worldwide. The Max Planck Seminars foster the professional exchange, inspire MPI-IE researchers, and enable them to stay in touch with the latest developments in their fields. Guests from other research institutions are always welcome to join the audience.
TriRhena Gene Regulation Club
The tri-national “Gene Regulation Club” (former Chromatin Club) is a half-day symposium that brings together chromatin, epigenetics, and transcription groups from within the Strasbourg (IGBMC), Freiburg (MPI-IE), and Basel (FMI) area. In addition to external keynote speakers, PhD students and Postdocs are encouraged to present their work. With an informal but high quality atmosphere, the meeting aims to foster discussion and inspiring new and strengthen existing collaborations. more
Forschung höchstpersönlich
Four times a year, scientists of the institute present their research within a broader context to non-scientific employees to allow better insights into the performed research. MPI-IE researcher describe their work, the scientific background and the used technologies in their field of work. The talks are hosted by the communications department of the institute and are given in German. more

Internal seminar series

The Tuesday seminar is our central platform of scientific presentations for Ph.D. students and postdocs within the MPI-IE. This internal seminar series allows each Tuesday two researchers to introduce and discuss their projects and results with all scientific members of the institute. These seminars are not public and are confined to the MPI-IE community. more
Once a month, the MPI-IE research group leaders present the latest research progress of their laboratory to the scientific staff of the institute. The lectures take place on a Friday afternoon at the end of the week. Each Friday Science Afternoon is followed by a reception, which offers the opportunity to discuss with the speakers in a relaxed atmosphere. These seminars are not public and are confined to the MPI-IE community. more
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