Presentation Skills Workshop

Effective Communication and Networking for Careers

November 13, 2018

Sarah Blackford is an experienced Higher Education career consultant and honorary teaching fellow (Lancaster University, UK) qualified with a Master’s degree in career guidance and education (Warwick University, UK). She specialises in providing career development education to PhD students and early career researchers.

The workshop aims to teach participants to:

  1. be more self-aware about their skills and capabilities and how to apply this knowledge to the wider job market;
  2. be more aware of different job seeking strategies and the power of positive self-presentation and networking to improve their employment prospects;
  3. feel more confident about communicating their skills and strengths in a CV and in different types of interview including academic, non-academic and on-line;
  4. have gained mock experience of an interview process as an interviewer and interviewee;
  5. have formulated a personal action plan to follow up after the workshop.

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