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May 24, 2022

Here you can find latest news related to our PhD program and undergraduate research opportunities as well as information about various scientifc events that could be of interest to our fellows.

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Makrophage, die von Salmonellen(magenta) befallen ist. Farblich abgesetzt sind die Organellen (Mitochondrien in blau und Lysosomen in magenta) dargestellt.

How communication between lysosomes and mitochondria controls Salmonella growth in macrophages more

The quietest stem cells are the most powerful

How hyaluronic acid protects your stem cells from proliferative stress more

Multicolored outlines of macrophages distributing as a network in a mouse lymph node.

Max Planck researchers investigate mechanisms controlling macrophage network movement in tissues more

The Domino effect

The Domino effect

December 01, 2021

How a maternal protein is required to activate the genome of the embryo more

Stem cells: you are what you eat

Freiburg stem cell research shows how a vitamin A waste product regulates cell functions in blood formation more

Otto Hahn Medals for Maria Samata & Fides Zenk

Two researchers of the MPI of Immunobiology & Epigenetics receive the award for gifted young scientists within the Max Planck Society more

The architect of genome folding

Epigenetic regulator HP1a drives de novo genome reorganization in early Drosophila embryos more

Drop the stress

Drop the stress

February 05, 2021

How protein condensation slows down gene activity and ensures the survival of stressed cells more

Fides Zenk receives 2020 Gateff Prize

German Genetics Society honors MPG doctoral researcher for outstanding research on epigenetic inheritance more

The right tune for blood

The right tune for blood

November 09, 2020

Repetitive elements trigger RIG-I-like receptors to enhance hematopoietic stem cell formation more

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