MIAP Seminar Series

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Andrey Klymchenko – Molecular and Nano Tools for Cellular Imaging in Vitro and in Vivo

  • Date: Jan 31, 2018
  • Time: 11:00 - 12:00
  • Speaker: Andrey Klymchenko
  • Laboratoire de Biophotonique et Pharmacologie, Université de Strasbourg, France
  • Location: MPI-IE
  • Room: Main Lecture Hall
  • Host: Sergiy Avilov (Imaging Facility)
MIAP Seminar Series hosted by the MPI-IE: On January 24th, 2017 the Microscopy and Image Analysis Platform (MIAP), a joint network for scientific imaging and analysis infrastructure in the Upper Rhine Valley, will meet at the MPI-IE. In addition to discuss ongoing projects and future plans within the MIAP framework the MPI-IE Imaging Facility in cooperation with MIAP will host a scientific seminar by Andrey Klymchenko, an expert on fluorescent probes, head of the Nanochemistry and Bioimaging group at the Laboratoire de Biophotonique et Pharmacologie, Strasbourg University. The seminar takes place in the Main Lecture Hall of the Institute starting at 11am. Andrey Klymchenko will talk about “Molecular and Nano Tools for Cellular Imaging in Vitro and in Vivo.”

CV A. Klymchenko

Andrey Klymchenko was born in Kherson, Ukraine, in 1976. He started his research with chemistry and photophysics of new fluorescent dyes, which was a subject of his PhD degree from Kiev National University in 2003. Then, he worked in the University of Strasbourg in a group of Yves Mely, where he could combine synthesis of new dyes with their bioimaging applications. In 2005, in order to extend his expertise towards supramolecular chemistry and nanotechnology, he moved to Catholic University of Leuven, group of Steven de Feyter. Then, he joined CNRS in 2006, received CNRS Bronze Medal in 2010 and was promoted to Director of Research in 2014. In 2015, he obtained ERC consolidator grant BrightSens to work on fluorescent nanoparticles for ultrasensitive detection of cancer markers.

(source: University Strasbourg)

Find more information on the MIAP website.

Please note: The seminar was originally planned for January 24, 2018, had to be postponed for organisational reasons. New date: 31.01.2018

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