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Obesity – like father, like son

December 04, 2014
Fruit flies pass down changes in their metabolism from father to son [more]
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500 million year reset for the immune system

August 18, 2014
A single factor can reset the immune system of mice to a state likely similar to what it was 500 million years ago, when the first vertebrates emerged. [more]
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Illuminating the dark side of the genome

July 17, 2014
Scientists present an approach to investigate repetitive genome and reveal how stem cells ensure genome integrity. [more]
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HO-1 makes obese individuals sick

July 03, 2014
Study unravels a link between obesity and diabetes and suggests promising therapeutic strategies [more]
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Help for stressed immune cells

July 03, 2014
B cells suffer high stress levels at certain stages. The protein MZB1 helps by facilitating the antibody folding. [more]
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Nanoscale order on the B cell

June 25, 2014
Biologists in Freiburg determine the arrangement of cell membrane molecules using a nanoscale tape measure [more]
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The Battle of Xs

June 17, 2014
MOF complexes mediate genetic fair play [more]
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