Imaging Facility

Confocal Microscopes
Confocal microscopy has several advantages over conventional optical microscopy: depth of field can be controlled, out-of-focus information is blinded out, and a series of optical “slices” can be generated from one biological probe. Preparation of specimen is equally easy as for light microscopy, and in contrast to other high-resolution options, such as electron microscopy, living cells can be investigated.

  • SP2 Leica with 4 lasers,Argon (458,476,488,514nm), GreNe 543nm,HeNe633, UV 404nm,XBO 75 W for Vismode,Filtersets for GFP,RFP,DAPI,CFP and YFP
  • LSM 510 Meta NLO Zeiss with 4 lasers,Argon ( 458,477,488,514nm ),DPSS 561nm,HeNe 633nm, Chameleon ( tunable 705-980nm),heating table for   temperature control,HBO 100W for Vis mode,Filtersets for GFP,RFP,DAPI,CFP ,YFP and NDD ( non descanned detection for 2P)
  • LSM 780  Zeiss (new GaAsP detectors), with integrated Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS), Fluorescence Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy (FCCS), and Raster Image Correlation Spectroscopy (RICS),4 lasers (Argon (458,488,514nm),DPSS 561nm,HeNe 633nm,Diode 405nm,HXP 120 W for Vis mode,Filtersets for GFP,RFP and DAPI

Structured Illumination
Structured illumination is a technique for optical sectioning in widefield microscopy. A grid is moved into the beampath. A calculation from the optical sectioning is done using 3 different grid positions. Only the focal plane appears in the image. Scattered out of focus light is removed.As excitation light source only a HXP bulb is needed.

  • Imager Z1 with ApoTome slider Zeiss(only upright system) with XBO 75 W, 6 filtercubes for GFP,RFP,CFP,YFP,FarRed and DAPI, DICII and DIC III,Mrm and Mrc camera

Live Cell Imaging
Live cell imaging is used to provide clues into the fundamental nature of cellular and tissue structures.Numerous fluorescent proteins, quantum dots and synthetic fluorophores can be used to observe cells, embryos (zebrafish) or blastocytes (mouse) for extended periods of time.

  • Spinning Disc Zeiss- special type of confocal microscope  for very fast live cell imaging with 2 cameras Mrm (CCD) and  Evolve ( EMCCD), 3 lasers,OPSL 488nm,Diode 561nm,Diode 405nm, small incubation chamber for CO2/Temperature control, HXP for Vis mode, Filtersets for GFP, RFP, DAPI
  • Axiovert 200M Zeiss with Eppendorf Femto Jet Colibri with LED 385,LED 470,LED  555 and LED 625,DICII and DIC III,Filtersets for GFP,RFP, DAPI/GFP/Red/FarRed and   Mrm camera        
  • Tokai Hit  Incubation unit for CO2 and temperature control ,versatile for all inverted Zeiss microscopes
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