R. Jacob Labios

from Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines
IMPRS doctoral researcher since August 2020 in Kastenmüller lab


Research interests
Dendritic cells (DCs) are responsible for delivering and presenting antigens to antigen-specific receptors on lymphocytes found in lymph nodes (LNs) in order to activate an adaptive immune response towards pathogenic infections. Evidence has shown that lymphoid tissue-resident DCs (resDCs) activate T cells in the LNs while the infected migratory DCs (migDCs) are vital to the delivery of antigens from the infection site to LNs. Open questions remain on how the antigen transport and handover between resDCs and migDCs are facilitated and coordinated, and which molecular and regulatory mechanisms control such processes. Additionally, the role of lymph node-resident macrophages during infection, particularly on the ability of DCs to take up antigens from infected cells, is still unknown. For my PhD, I will explore the conditions required to successfully deliver and present antigens among DCs and macrophages to lymphocytes in the lymph nodes during infection.
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