Lara Heckmann

from Lübeck, Germany
IMPRS doctoral researcher since September 2022 in Classen lab


Research interests
Effective cell-cell communication at the soma-germline interface is essential for the differentiation, patterning, and homeostasis during gonad development. In Drosophila oogenesis, the oocyte forms as part of a germline cyst that is surrounded by a somatic epithelium which specalize to support either oocyte maturation of nurse cell removal. Recently, it has been discovered that the somatic transcriptional regulator eyes (Eya) plays a critical role in controlling cell-cell affinity. Thereby, Eya regulates the somatic cell distribution over the germline surface and thus, oocyte growth. My PhD project aims to identify downstream soma-germline affinity regulators and their role in regulating cytoskeleton and adhesion complexes.
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