Publications of Ulrike Zeissler

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Journal Article
Plazas-Mayorca, M. D.; Bloom, J. S.; Zeissler, U.; Leroy, G.; Young, N. L.; DeMaggio, P. A.; Krugylak, L.; Schneider, R.; Carcia, B. A.: Quantitative proteomics reveals direct and indirect alterations in the histone code following methyltransferase knockdown. Molecular BioSystems 6, pp. 1719 - 1729 (2010)
Journal Article
Weiss, T.; Hergeth, S.; Zeissler, U.; Izzo, A.; Tropberger, P.; Zee, B. M.; Dundr, M.; Garcia, B. A.; Daujat, S.; Schneider, R.: Histone H1 variant-specific lysine methylation by G9a/KMT1C and Glp1/KMT1D. Epigenetics & Chromatin 3, pp. 1 - 13 (2010)
Journal Article
Daujat, S.; Weiss, T.; Mohn, F.; Lange, U. C.; Ziegler-Birling, C.; Zeissler, U.; Lappe, M.; Schübeler, D.; Torres-Padilla, M.-E.; Schneider, R.: H3K64 trimethylation marks heterochromatin and is dynamically remodeled during developmental reprogramming. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 16, pp. 777 - 781 (2009)
Journal Article
Daujat, S.; Zeissler, U.; Waldmann, T.; Happel, N.; Schneider, R.: HP1 Binds Specifically to Lys26-methylated Histone H1.4, whereas Simultaneous Ser27 Phosphorylation Blocks HP1 Binding. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, pp. 38090 - 38095 (2005)
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