Publications of Eva Dengler

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Journal Article
Dopfer, E. P.; Schöpf, B.; Louis-Dit-Sully, C.; Dengler, E.; Höhne, K.; Klescová, A.; Prouza, M.; Suchanek, M.; Reth, M.; Schamel, W. W. A.: Analysis of novel phospho-ITAM specific antibodies in a S2 reconstitution system for TCR-CD3 signalling. Immunology Letters 130, pp. 43 - 50 (2010)
Journal Article
Minguet, S.; Swamy, M.; Dopfer, E. P.; Dengler, E.; Alarcón, B.; Schamel, W. W. A.: The extracellular part of ζ is buried in the T cell antigen receptor complex. Immunology Letters 116, pp. 203 - 210 (2008)
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