Publications of C. E. Busse

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Journal Article
Plaster, N.; Sonntag, C.; Busse, C. E.; Hammerschmidt, M.: p53 deficiency rescues apoptosis and differentiation of multiple cell types in zebrafish flathead mutants defcient for zygotic DNA polymerase δ1. Cell Death and Differentiation 13, pp. 223 - 235 (2006)
Journal Article
Busse, C. E.; Krotkova, A.; Eichmann, K.: The TCRβ Enhancer Is Dispensble for the Expression of Rearranged TCRβ Genes in Thymic DN2/DN3 Populations but Not at Later Stages. The Journal of Immunology 175, pp. 3067 - 3074 (2005)
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