Publications of Anna Krotkova

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Journal Article
Busse, C. E.; Krotkova, A.; Eichmann, K.: The TCRβ Enhancer Is Dispensble for the Expression of Rearranged TCRβ Genes in Thymic DN2/DN3 Populations but Not at Later Stages. The Journal of Immunology 175, pp. 3067 - 3074 (2005)
Journal Article
Krotkova, A.; Smith, E.; Nerz, G.; Falk, I.; Eichmann, K.: Delayed and Restricted Expression Limits Putative Instructional Opportunities of Vγ1.1/Vγ2 γδ TCR in αβ/γδ Lineage Choice in the Thymus. Journal of Immunology 173, pp. 25 - 32 (2004)
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