Publications of Susanna Minguet

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Journal Article
Fiala, G. J.; Janowska, I.; Prutek, F.; Hobeika, E.; Satapathy, A.; Sprenger, A.; Plum, T.; Seidl, M.; Dengjel, J.; Reth, M. et al.; Cesca, F.; Brummer, T.; Minguet, S.; Schamel, W. W. A.: Kidins220/ARMS binds to the B cell antigen recptor and regulates B cell development and activation. The Journal of Experimental Medicine 212 (10), pp. 1693 - 1708 (2015)
Journal Article
Minguet, S.; Huber, M.; Rosenkranz, L.; Schamel, W. W. A.; Reth, M.; Brummer, T.: Adenosine and cAMP are potent inhibitors of the NF-κB pathway downstream of immunoreceptors. European Journal of Immunology 35, pp. 31 - 41 (2005)
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