Work and Family

Parent-child working room

All too frequently, parents are faced with the situation that their otherwise regularly supervised children are suddenly without care: The babysitter is ill; the school holidays could not be completely covered, the daycare center is closed, or the child is sick and can’t go to daycare. For these cases, the MPI-IE has a parent-child working room. In the parent-child working room, parents can be with their children in an appropriate, child-friendly environment. This enables parents to be close to their workgroups, to hold small meetings and to supervise their children at the same time.

The room is equipped with a computer desk for the parents and a painting and writing desk for the children. There is also a children’s play area with games for big and small. The room also offers a diaper-changing station, a chair for nursing and a mattress for playing and resting.

Parents can research and write without pressure while their children can play, read or sleep in close proximity. The parent-child working room is located in a quiet part of the main institute building near the library.

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