Housing in Freiburg

Housing in Freiburg

Housing in Germany and Freiburg: Here is everything you need to know at the beginning: finding a flat, housing expenses, the rental contracts, where to register for utilities such as electricity, internet, TV and much more…

The city of Freiburg with a population of about 220,000 is the fourth largest city in the Land Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The University, the University Medical Center, five Fraunhofer institutes and two Max Planck Institutes make Freiburg a science city and a research hub of south-west Germany.

Finding accommodation can be a time consuming challenge. The semesters for university students start in April and October each year. These times are tough for the housing market. Thus, finding accomodation in Freiburg can take time. But no worries, for your first days or weeks you can book accommodation in one of the Institute’s guesthouses. They are next to the main building on the Institute campus. Besides, feel free to ask the International Office for advice on flat-hunting and how to apply for a flat.

Note: The MPI-IE Welcome Guide gives a comprehensive chapter on this topic including some steps and tipps you can take to speed up the process (see page 34-45).

Where to look for flats

There are many platforms available online and offline but these listed below appear to capture the majority of properties (flats, houses, etc.) available in Freiburg.


If you need more information on housing expenses, rental contracts, where to register for utilities such as electricity, internet, TV, waste removal and recycling, broadcast licence fee (Rundfunkbeitrag) and many more topics, please have a look at the MPI-IE Welcome Guide (see pages 35-45).

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