Your first steps at the institute

Your first steps at the institute

With a comprehensive orientation list we route you through all necessary steps as well as services, facilities and the departments at the institute.

To make your start at the institute as easy as possible, please take a look at our checklist for students, postdocs & scientific staff. The International Office or the IMPRS-IEM Office is happy to help you through all necessary steps listed here to make you quickly feel home at our institute. 

Orientation list

The orientation list is a set of tasks you need to fulfil during your start at the institute:

  • Introduction of building, structures and ways within the building, administration, canteen, central facilities, etc.
  • Introduction to the library services
  • Appointment with our IT department to get login data for e-mail account and other IT infrastructure such as eduroam, VPN and servers and arrange for computer, screens and software
  • Health and safety instruction held by the Safety Department of the MPI-IE
  • Appointment with caretakers to get key and the key card to access the Institute
    Note: Keys and  key card of the Institute can only be received after participation in the health and safety instruction.
  • If relevant for your position: appointments with the heads of the animal facility and fly facility as well as the animal welfare officers etc.
  • If relevant for your personal situation: appointment with the Gender Equality Officer
  • Introduction to other colleagues from your home country who work at our institute

For IMPRS students

The IMPRS Office supports new doctoral students during their start and their entire research stay at the MPI-IE. The IMPRS team consisting of Kyle Austin and Lisa Breitner…

  • helps you enroll in the IMPRS program, prepare all letters, contact to the university
  • assists you in the procedure for recognition of your studies / qualification / degrees from your home country
  • supports you in all formalities with the university and faculty
  • ensures that you learn about regulations and important deadlines
  • helps you register for the defense of the doctoral thesis
  • introduces you to the Planck Academy and the resources for coaching sessions, helps with integration problems and private worries

Important links

The MAX intranet gives access to the institute calendar, the room booking system, staff lists, forms and downloads by the administration (holiday application, personal data, contract extensions, travel expenses etc.), the SAP e-procurement system, detailed information of the services provided the scientific facilities and staff representatives. In addtion, You can find an overview on all Max-Planck wide services for employees (career, family, health & safety) and get access to the Planck Academy as well as social features like team rooms as well as  other services by the GWDG and much more…

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