Lab Lämmermann

We investigate the mechanisms that shape single cell and population dynamics of immune cells in the complexity of inflamed and infected tissues. By using a broad range of microscopy and imaging techniques, we explore the strategies that immune cells have evolved to move individually or in concert with other cells in order to achieve together an optimal immune response.

Max Planck Society
The Max Planck Society is one of your our main funding sources.
European Research Council
ERC Starting Grant on “Innate immune cell swarms – Integrating and Adapting Single Cell and Population Dynamics in Inflamed and Infected Tissues” more


CRC 850 “Control of Cell Motility in Morphogenesis, Cancer Invasion and Metastasis” funded by the German Research Council (DFG) more


CRC/Transregio 167 “NeuroMac” obtains insights into the diverse functions of myeloid cells in the CNS during development, health and disease. Funded by the German Research Council (DFG).
French-German Collaboration for Joint Projects in Natural, Life and Engineering (NLE) Sciences funded by ANR & DFG – Project: “Identifying the niche of perivascular immune cells – PeriNiche” more
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Project: “Decoding Inflammation through Immune Cell Behavior” more
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