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Speaker: Constanze Bonifer Host: Eirini Trompouki Location: MPI-IE

Constanze Bonifer – The interplay between constitutive and signaling responsive transcription factors regulates hematopoietic specification

Max Planck Seminar
Constanze Bonifer is Chair of Experimental Haematology at the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences (ICGS), University of Birmingham, and is Director of the Birmingham Centre of Genome Biology. In their work, she and her team address the question of how the regulators of transcription, the sequence-specific DNA binding proteins or transcription factors, interact with the chromatin template and change its structure. It is known from genetic studies that chromatin modification complexes play essential roles in all phases of the development of multicellular organisms and that transcription factors bring these epigenetic regulatory proteins to specific genes. Constanze Bonifer will give a talk about her research at the MPI-IE Freiburg (Main Lecture Hall) on March 14th, 2017 at 11am. [more]
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