Flow Cytometry and DNA Sequenzing Facility

Currently available applications include:

  • cloning and cell sorting
  • multi-color immunofluorescence
  • DNA cell cycle analysis
  • measurements of apoptosis
  • calcium flux
  • fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)

The facility is equipped with the most advanced, state-of-the-art flow cytometers. For sorting, we have a Beckman Coulter MoFlo XDP sorter, a Becton Dickinson (BD) FACSAria II sorter, a (BD) Influx sorter and a Miltenyi autoMACS magnetic sorter. For analysis of cell samples our facility provides three LSR II and two FACSCaliburs (all from BD). The MoFlo, the Influx and the FACSAria are versatile high speed sorters equipped with up to five lasers, enabling the measurement of up to nine fluorescent parameters (MoFlo and FACSAria) and up to twelve fluorescent parameters (Influx), respectively.

A complex mirror system directs lasers that are used for cell analyzes.

Additionally, the Influx is the worldwide unique steam-in-air sorter equipped with the octagon and trigon optical arrays. The light from the fife spatially separated laser beam spots is delivered by fiber optics to the octagon and trigon detector arrays increasing the sensitivity and flexibility of the BD Influx, yielding more information from each sample. All flow cytometers can simultaneously sort four populations at up to 30 000 cells per second with greater than 99,8% purity and high recovery. Selected populations can be sorted into test tubes or deposited directly into a 96-well plate. Sterile cell sorting is available upon request allowing subsequent culturing of sorted cells. The magnetic cell separation system (autoMACS) can isolate large numbers of cells for a single surface marker with high purity in a short period of time. The Cell-Sorters are available on weekdays upon special arrangement with the operators. These instruments are often booked weeks in advance. In the year 2011 we sorted more than 6000 samples.

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