Child Care Facility

Child Care Facility

FRÖBEL-Kindergarten “Kleine Forscher” / “Little Scientists”

The MPI-IE offers childcare in the immediate vicinity of the Institute. Since June 2012, the nursery has been providing education for children aged between 6 months and 3 years. In March 2014, the childcare facility moved to a large new building close to the MPI-IE. This expansion allowed the creation of a kindergarten group for children aged 3 to 6 years. This means that MPI-IE staff can leave their children in the same facility until they enter primary school. From September 2023, the facility will be managed by the FRÖBEL Group, a non-profit organisation that runs numerous childcare facilities throughout the country.

Its concept is based on the work of the educationalist Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel and promotes the individual development of each child.

Important facets are

  • Active support for development and self-education processes
  • Openness, respect, appreciation and tolerance
  • A pedagogical approach based on the principles of relationship, participation and individualisation.


If you wish to apply for a child care place, please fill out the form you can obtain on MAX and send it to our .

Please note: In Germany, children aged 12 months have a legal entitlement to a childcare place. The FRÖBEL-Kindergarten „Little Scientists“ is not the only option in Freiburg. The MPI-IE Welcome Guide provides a comprehensive chapter on arranging daycare in Freiburg and further information related to school enrollment for children (see pages 71-75).

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