Publications of Marina A. Freudenberg

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Journal Article
Freudenberg, M. A.; Merlin, T.; Gumenscheimer, M.; Kalis, C.; Landmann, R.; Galanos, C.: Role of lipopolysaccharide susceptibility in the innate immune response to Salmonella typhimurium infection: LPS, a primary target for recognition of Gram-negative bacteria. Microbes and Infection 3 (14-15), pp. 1213 - 1222 (2001)
Journal Article
Hasunuma, R.; Morita, H.; Tanaka, S.; Ryll, R.; Freudenberg, M. A.; Galanos, C.; Kumazawa, Y.: Differential clearance and induction of host responses by various administered or released lipopolysaccharides. Journal of Endotoxin Research 7 (6), pp. 421 - 429 (2001)
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