Head of Facility

Dr. Plamen Georgiev
Dr. Plamen Georgiev
Phone:+49 761 5108-705

Fly Facility


The Fly facility was set up in 2010 upon recruitment of Asifa Akhtar. The facility contains a fly room with 7 dissection microscopes and CO2 supply for day-to-day fly pushing. Attached to the fly room are 25°C and 18°C light-, temperature- and humidity-controlled rooms for fly stocks. In addition, there are separate rooms allocated for large population cages and an 18°C room for a collection of mutant and transgenic lines maintained to facilitate rapid amplification upon request. In addition, a fly food preparation kitchen with a large production capacity has been established for the maintenance of these flies as well as for the daily needs of the fly groups. A state-of-the-art microinjection unit equipped with an inverted microscope, Eppendorf Femtojet, micromanipulator and embryo aligning stage, allows Drosophila embryo transformation and generation of transgenic animals.

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