SMLC 2018

Scientific Method and Logic Course

Scientific Method and Logic Course

The Scientific Method and Logic Course (SMLC) is the primary avenue for introducing scientific methodology to second year students. In this course, our fellows acquire a broad base of knowledge about the biological sciences and learn the methods used in the laboratories. They also learn how to design experiments and how to evaluate the obtained results. The course also aims to strengthen students critical thinking and ability to formulate new questions based on obtained data.

The SMLC covers 13 themes reflecting the IMPRS-MCB faculty's research interests. Each theme is discussed over a single session that includes a short introduction to the subject matter by the group leader followed by a discussion of an original research article. All participants are expected to be ready to discuss individual figures and prepared to dsicuss scientific approaches and concepts. A faculty member will direct the discussion but all students in attendance will present the figures to the group.

The SMLC course is offered once a year, starting in January. It is a mandatory part of the program curriculum. The course is also open to other post-graduate students in Freiburg and is listed as one of the official courses of the Faculty of Biology. It is recognized as a mandatory upper-division literature seminar ("Oberseminar").

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