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Instructor: Gerhard Mittler

Pre-meeting: 2017, tba

Location: Lecture hall of the MPI

Gene expression and proteomics of stem cells

Gene expression and proteomics of stem cells

This upper division literature seminar focuses on recent developments in the field of embryonic stem cell (pluripotency, re-programming) and hematopoietic stem cell biology (HSC fate, lineage diversification)  studied by OMICS approaches. The main interest lays on state-of-the art high-throughput technologies used in Genomics and Proteomics (ChIP-seq, High-C, DamID, RNA-seq, comprehensive quantitative proteomics, interactomics, large-scale PTM mapping). During the course covering two afternoons, each student presents one primary research article related to this filed that is discussed by all participants.  The course is recognized as the 'Oberseminar' and takes place in spring each year. 

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