Four times a year in the Main Lecture Hall of the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics Freiburg from 11-12am. The talks are given in German.

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Jörg Büscher: „Metabolomik: Dem biochemischen Fingerabdruck des Stoffwechsels auf der Spur.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018, 11am, MPI-IE, Main Lecture Hall

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Forschung höchstpersönlich

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Forschung höchstpersönlich

The talk series “Forschung höchstpersönlich” was established in 2012 at the MPI-IE. Four times a year, scientists of the institute present their research within a broader context to non-scientific employees to allow better insights into the performed research. A wide range of topics was covered. In 2015, for instance, group leaders at the MPI-IE gave talks about the immune system and chromatin. With topics like deep sequencing and flow cytometry also research facilities described their work, the scientific background and the used technologies in their field of work. The talks are hosted by the public relations officer of the institute and are given in German.

talks 2018


Dr. Jörg Büscher
„Metabolomik: Dem biochemischen Fingerabdruck des Stoffwechsels auf der Spur.“


Marcus Rockoff


Dr. Inke Krupka-Dyaschenko
„Tierschutz mit 4R: Gesetz und Umsetzung in der Grundlagenforschung.“



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