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A new program for neural stem cells

May 12, 2011
Max Planck researchers succeed in obtaining brain and spinal cord cells from stem cells of the peripheral nervous system. [more]
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Primitive vertebrates with an adaptive immune system

February 02, 2011
A key organ found in our adaptive immune system is more common than previously assumed: Max Planck researchers demonstrate the presence of thymus-like structures in the primitive lamprey [more]
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One lock, many keys

October 06, 2010
Max Planck researchers discover how immune system B-cells can react to very different substances [more]
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A life-changing partnership

June 24, 2010
New regulatory complex turning on genes [more]
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New nerve cells - even in old age

May 06, 2010
Max Planck researchers find different types of stem cells in the brains of mature and old mice [more]
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Control Mechanism for Biological Pattern Formation Decoded

November 23, 2006
A team of researchers in Freiburg have revealed the molecular mechanism which regulates pattern formation in the spacing and density of hair follicles. [more]
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