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Live from the thymus: T-cells on the move

February 17, 2012
For the first time, scientists follow the development of individual immune cells in a living zebrafish embryo [more]
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Chromosome centromeres are inherited epigenetically

November 03, 2011
The histone protein CenH3 is both necessary and sufficient to trigger the formation of centromeres and pass them on from one generation to the next [more]
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Kinetochores prefer the “silent” DNA sections of the chromosome

July 05, 2011
The protein complex responsible for the distribution of chromosomes during cell division is assembled in the transition regions between heterochromatin and euchromatin [more]
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A new program for neural stem cells

May 12, 2011
Max Planck researchers succeed in obtaining brain and spinal cord cells from stem cells of the peripheral nervous system. [more]
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Primitive vertebrates with an adaptive immune system

February 02, 2011
A key organ found in our adaptive immune system is more common than previously assumed: Max Planck researchers demonstrate the presence of thymus-like structures in the primitive lamprey [more]
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One lock, many keys

October 06, 2010
Max Planck researchers discover how immune system B-cells can react to very different substances [more]
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A life-changing partnership

June 24, 2010
New regulatory complex turning on genes [more]
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