Iga Grządzielewska

from Częstochowa, Poland
IMPRS doctoral researcher since May 2020 in Akhtar lab


Research interests
The lysine acetyltransferase MOF is involved in two major complexes, the MSL and the NSL complex, and is mostly studied in terms of its role in catalyzing the acetylation of histone 4 lysine 16 (H4K16ac). However, recent work has revealed that MOF, within the NSL complex, directly acetylates a wide range of other proteins, such as nuclear envelope components, and the loss of the NSL complex members leads to severely impaired nuclear architecture, as well as massive genomic rearrangements. In light of this, the aim of my PhD project is to investigate the relevance of these NSL complex functions in a broader physiological context, particularly in terms of the interplay between nuclear architecture, chromatin organization, and gene expression.
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