Mohuizi Kuang

from Changsha, China
IMPRS doctoral researcher since November 2021 in Bonasio lab


Research interests
Unlike most eusocial insects with definitive caste boundaries, the ponerine ant species Harpegnathos saltator has a highly plastic caste system, where workers possess the capability to transition into a dominant reproductive queen-like state during their adulthood. Previous evidence demonstrated that this behavioural switch is accompanied by drastic brain remodelling, providing a fascinating model to investigate the links between gene regulation, brain function, and social behaviour. I am interested in how neuroepigenetic events, including changes in chromatin accessibility and histone modifications, contribute to adult brain plasticity. My PhD work leverages high-throughput genomic methods to interrogate chromatin structure at single-cell resolution to reveal caste-biased events responsible for distinctive brain functions.     
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